Psychosocial Counseling

Definition Station Clinical Human Resource
The structured discussion between the trained counselor (person who provides service) and the client (person who seek treatment) to help people before the problems increased to a pathological level (as as Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder etc). Types of counseling: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling and Family/ Couple Counseling


Individual counseling is a one-to-once discussion between the counselor and the client.

Group counseling is group discussion with multiple individual facing similar issues. A group of 3 to 8 people together work by sharing each individual’s experience and learn from each others.

Family and/ Couple counseling is counseling where family members join together and discuss on the issue that affects a family. A couple counseling refers to counseling where the couple or partner is facing difficulties in their relationship.

Chitwan  Lekhnath Pokharel| Psychosocial Counselor, Clinical Supervisor

Parbati Pandey| Psychosocial Counselor, Clinical Supervisor

Pratima Kandel| Psychosocial Counselor

Bindu Aryal| Psychosocial Counselor

Veskumari Neupane| Psychosocial Counselor

Kalpana Adhikari| Psychosocial Counselor

Damak Dr. Shaligram Bhattarai, PhD| Psychologist, Project Manager

Bimal Acharya| SA prevention and response Expert |  Project Coordinator

Govinda Raj Katel| Psychosocial Counselor

Urmila Oli| Psychosocial Counselor

Nutan Tiwari| Psychosocial Counselor

Naresh Adhikari| Psychosocial Counselor

Arpana Rai| Psychosocial Counselor

Samundra Guragai| Psychosocial Counselor

Buddhi Prasad Pandey| Psychosocial Counselor

Mamata Poudel| Psychosocial Counselor

Sudarshan Bahadur Thapa| Psychosocial Counselor

Kathmandu Anil Bajracharya| Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor

Jamuna Maharjan | Psychosocial Counselor, Clinical Manager

Pragya Shrestha | Psychotherapist, Sr. Clinical Supervisor

Sita Lama | Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Nuwakot Jeetendra Rai| Psychosocial Counselor, District Coordinator

Pradip Magar| Psychosocial Counselor

Rupa Rai | Psychosocial Counselor

Tilak Manandhar | Psychosocial Counselor

Urmila Shrestha| Psychosocial Counselor

Sindhuli Renasha Ghimire| Psychologist