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Key Achievements

1. Integration of a psychosocial component in multiple sectors such as, HIV/AIDS, Conflict, emergencies, Human Rights, Disabilities and Sexual and Gender Based Violence, and ,  Trafficking

2. Development of community based psychosocial care packages for Conflict Affected  Children (CAC), Refugees,Traumatized and vulnerable children, Children affected by HIV/AIDS, Victimsd of emergencies, Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Trafficking Survivors etc

3. Operationalization of Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) guidelines on psychosocial and mental health in emergencies such as Political riots in Kapilbastu, Fire in Bhutanese refugees camp, Koshi flood Sunsari and Flood in Kailali

4. Conducted scientific research on Psychosocial and mental health with CAAFAG/CAAC,   CABA, Conflict affected population, Refugees, and Conflict affected women

5. Publication of TPO Nepal research findings in international journals like JAMA, Social Science and Medicine,Transcultural Psychiatry, International Psychiatry, Human Biology, Intervention and ODC (Organizational Development Center)

6. Developed trained human resources in the psychosocial and mental health field. TPO Nepal conducted 6 months Psychosocial counseling training, 28 days Community Psychosocial Workers training , Substance abuse training, Care for care giver training, Alternative to violence Program training and ToT (Training of trainers) for psychosocial trainers

7. Mobilized staff to provide international training. TPO Nepal’s staff worked as research consultants in Pakistan and Afganisthan to provide training in research methodology, provided Practice oriented psychosocial and mental health course in Netherlands and participated in development of a global mental health research agenda in Netherlands

8. Played an active role in different working groups and networks such as CAAFAG working group, Emergency protection cluster, Mine action group, PPCC network, 1612 task force, National Mental Health Network, CTEVT 6 months counseling certification steering committee member and Member of NGO federation Nepal

9. Government liaison with Social Welfare Council, Health ministry, Education ministry , Home ministry & DDCs in district levels.