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Support WCO to establish Community Based Psychosocial support centres in Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Okhaldhunga, Rasuwa, Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk

TPO Nepal with the support of Unicef is working in 16 Psychosocial Centers in seven districts(Kathmandu-2, Bhaktapur-2, Nuwakot-3, Sindhupalchowk-3, Rasuwa-2, Dolakha-2 and Okhaldhunga-2). With the major objective of providing technical support to strengthen psychosocial support centers conducted by women cooperatives promoted by Women and Children Office. Six full time counsellors (3 Female 3Male) are mobilized in these districts for the support to strengthen psychosocial support center.

The Ministry of Women Children and Social welfare has allocated budget to establish psychosocial support centres in all 14 affected and 2 non affected districts of Nepal. The Department of Women and children has recognized the importance of psychosocial support for children and women. Key organizations working on the field of MHPSS have provided technical support to the Department of Women and Children, as a result operational guidelines for the psychosocial support centres have been developed and endorsed.

As highlighted in the operational guidelines, the social mobilizers of the WCO office as well as women cooperatives and GBV watch group members were trained and mobilized as community based psychosocial workers. This program has integrated psychosocial services in the government sector especially in protection areas, so that there will be proper channel and sustainable structure in the community level.

18 WCO new counselors were trained from TPO and will start working in the centres after the completion of the training in April. WCO offices works with social mobilisers (SM) and members of cooperatives in the targeted districts and VDCs, therefore WCO social mobilisers and members of cooperatives were trained and mobilized to provide psychosocial services in the targeted communities. Till date 80 female CPSWs were trained for seven days and mobilized in seven districts.

Project Objectives

  • To increased capacity of WCO to provide MHPSS services to children and families in the Earthquake affected communities.
  • To provide psychosocial support to Children and families through the WCO Psychosocial centres
  • Increase awareness on psychosocial and Mental health among children and women in their communities

TPO Nepal is supporting counsellors of Women and Children Office in following areas:

  1. Monthly Planning of WCO counselors
  2. Working group meeting in the district quarterly
  3. Submission of monthly report timely
  4. Monthly supervision session-CPSW and Counselors
  5. Referral to and from counselors
  6. Regular case handling  and daily activities and orientation
  7. Support in report writing
  8. Case management meeting with WCO counselors
                                            WCO Counselor’s Name Lists in TPO working areas
District Name of Counselors Center Location Contact Number
Rasuwa Sita Neupane(Lamichhane) Dhaibung 9841083402
Kamala Acharya Laharepauwa 9841934074
Bhaktapur Kalyani Dhakal Katunje 9841725678
Shree Devi KC Nagkhel 9841827157
Dholakha TulashaSedai Sunakhani 9744028831
RabinaJirel Gautam Charikot 9844308790
Okhaldunga Kumari Maya Tamang Shreechour 9861159697
Nirmala Khadka (Katuwal) Siddhicharan 9842993454
Nuwakot IshawariGiri Haldekalika 9741100580
Rukmini KC Choughara 9843002874
Gita KumariDahal Charghare 9841087449
Sindhupalchowk Sita Poudel Sangachowk 9751016864/9851000000
Ful Maya Shrestha Melamchi 9810231190
Sunita Rumba Barabishe 9860146512
Kathmandu Shilesha Shrestha Shakhu 9803165761
SapanaPariyar Chandragiri (Proposed) 9811497831