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Provide Psychosocial Support to Community to Prevent Suicide in Sindhupalchowk(1st Oct 2016 – 30th Sep 2017).

Target Group : People having suicidal ideation.

The major activity of the project is to provide Psychosocial Support for the affected family and people having suicidal ideation and increase awareness in the area of suicide prevention. For the prevention community orientations were conducted by CPSW, Radio Programs named “Banche Sansar Jitinchha” were produced and aired from Radio Sindhu and Radio Melamchi. In addition orientation programs to Journalist and Police and five days training to the counsellors were conducted in Sindhupalchowk.

The major objectives are:

  • To provide psychosocial support and build capacity to respond psychosocial issue and suicide
  • To sensitize community members and stakeholders in psychosocial issues, problems and way out.
  • To link with psychosocial support center