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Banche Sansar Jitincha (A radio program)

Radio has been always effective for reaching to the community.  For the promotion of psychosocial support and to prevent suicide, program named “BANCHE SANSAR JITINCHHA” is produced and aired from local FM, Radio Sindhu and Radio Melamchi. With the support of Australian Aid TPO Nepal is extending its support to prevent suicide in Sindhupalchowk.

The program is a mixture of interview, drama and relevant information to seek support. The program is produced by Niharika Production with the support of TPO Nepal and Australian Aid.

BSJ_Episode #17_Postpartum Depression
BSJ_Episode #16 Human Trafficking After Disasters
BSJ_Episode #15 Sexual harassment during emergency
BSJ_Episode #14_Resilience in natural disasters
BSJ_Episode #13_Psychological health during natural disaster
BSJ_Episode #12_Relation between Mental and Psychosocial health problem and gastrict
BSJ_Episode #11_Conversion disorder III
BSJ_Episode #10_Conversion disorder (Second )
BSJ_Episode #09_Conversion disorder (First )
BSJ_Episode #08_(Second Part) How can I care my mental health
BSJ_Episode #07_How can I care my mental health
BSJ_Episode _#06_Parents of  suicide survival children
BSJ_Episode #05_Multi-layers effort to prevent suicide
BSJ_Episode #04_Social media can be a cause of suicide
BSJ_Episode #03_Situation of family after suicide
BSJ_Episode #02_Role of Family Members
BSJ_Episode #01_Take initiation