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Jordans MJD, Luitel NP, Pokhrel P, Patel V (2015) Development and pilot testing of a mental healthcare plan in Nepal. The British Journal of Psychiatry DOI: 10.1192/bjp.bp.114.153718

Background Mental health service delivery models that are grounded in the local context are needed to address the substantial treatment gap in low- and middle-income countries.

Aims To present the development, and content, of a mental healthcare plan (MHCP) in Nepal and assess initial feasibility.

Method A mixed methods formative study was conducted. Routine monitoring and evaluation data, including client flow and reports of satisfaction, were obtained from patients (n = 135) during the pilot-testing phase in two health facilities.

Results The resulting MHCP consists of 12 packages, divided over community, health facility and organisation platforms. Service implementation data support the real-life applicability of the MHCP, with reasonable treatment uptake. Key barriers were identified and addressed, namely dissatisfaction with privacy, perceived burden among health workers and high drop-out rates.

Conclusions The MHCP follows a collaborative care model encompassing community and primary healthcare interventions.