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International medical corps (2015-Jun-01 to 2017-Feb-28) – IMC

TPO Nepal collaboratively with International Medical Corps has been implementing the ‘Integration of mental health and psychosocial support services in primary health care facilities and community settings in the post-earthquake context of two affected districts in Nepal’. This one year project will include primary prevention of psychosocial problems through coordination with agencies facilitating safe spaces and broad-based recreational and community support activities, and orientation and psychoeducation for family and community members and front-line aid workers which will aid in early identification and referral of those with MHPSS needs. A second level of support will include psychological first aid and basic emotional support, facilitation of self-help and support groups, and screening of those in need of counseling and/or therapeutic group work via female community health volunteers and home-based care workers. A third level includes trained psychosocial counselors attached to health facilities will provide individual and group counseling, and people in need of medication will be referred to primary health care workers trained in mental health as per the mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP) Humanitarian Intervention Guide and supervised by psychiatrists for psychopharmacological interventions.

The project will cover two districts at health facilities and in community settings.  The first target district is Gorkha, which will include 10 health posts, 3 primary health care Centers and 2 hospitals. Similarly, the second target district is Sindhuli, which will similarly includes 10 health posts, 4  primary health care centers, and a district hospital. The project will include community activities (awareness-raising and sensitization on MHPSS conditions, identification and referral of those with MHPSS needs, community counseling, patients support groups), pharmacological treatment by primary health care workers based on mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP) Humanitarian Intervention Guide, which will be adapted to Nepal during the project period by TPO. Six priority disorders will be used: depression, epilepsy, PTSD, psychosis, harmful use of alcohol and drugs, and suicide.